Swarovski Crystal Shimmer BallPoint Pen, Light Blue, Chromed Plated 5595669

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This light blue Swarovski ballpoint pen combines a slender, streamlined silhouette with a modern, minimalistic aesthetic. The highlight of the design is a sparkling strip of crystals with a light chrome effect in our ultra-fine Crystal Rocks technique, which runs along both sides and over the end of the pen. Delivered in an elegant pouch, the pen also features a blue lacquered barrel showing the Swarovski logo and a chrome plated metal clip. The high-quality ink cartridge can be replaced easily. An ideal gift for any occasion.

Article no.: 5595669

Collection: Crystal Shimmer

Color: Blue

Length: 5 3/4 inches

Width: 3/8 inches

Material: Crystals, Chrome plated, Blue lacquered

Ink Color: Black

One-year warranty is offered for Swarovski Jewelry and Accessories and a two-year warranty for all other products (visit warranty help page for more details)