Swarovski Elegance of Africa Elephant Head Ujamaa, Gray, 5608547

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Create a stylish and modern focal point in any room with this striking elephant head design, with an elegant blend of crystal, metal and wood. The name of the piece, Ujamaa, means 'kinship' in Swahili - a reference to the strong family bonds formed by elephants. The head is crafted from gray crystal, the tusks shine in white crystal with gold-tone lacquer, and the base is made from FSC-certified oak. A brushed champagne-gold tone metal stand completes this unique design, which would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves African wildlife. Decoration object. Not a toy. Not suitable for children under 15.

Article no.: 5608547

Collection: Elegance of Africa

Color: Gray

Height: 7 7/8 inches

Width: 3 7/8 inches

Length: 1 inches

Material: Crystals, Metal, Wood

Designer: Martin Zendron

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