Swarovski Signum, Swan, Small 5613254

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This small decoration piece is inspired by the new Swarovski Swan logo. Designed by Martin Zendron, it is crafted purely from clear crystal with 236 facets, with the Swan's head and neck shaped to form an elegant 'S' for Swarovski. Looking towards the future, with its wings lifted and ready for take-off, this graceful design celebrates the brand's unique craftsmanship and heritage in a modern and sophisticated way. Decoration object. Not a toy. Not suitable for children under 15.

Article no.: 5613254

Collection: Iconic Swan

Color: White

Height: 1 7/8 inches

Width: 1 1/8 inches

Length: 1 3/8 inches

Material: Crystals

Designer: Martin Zendron

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